Guowei- Professional Paper Cutter manufacturer

Guowei is a company specializing in the production of intelligent paper cutters.For 28 years, Guowei has always been the same, aiming to provide customers with the most optimized solutions. To this end, we have been committed to developing the competitiveness of core technologies. Relying on powerful mechanical intelligence technology and equipment to achieve high-precision, safe and humanized intelligent paper cutter production, Let our customers always be able to lead the trend.

Guowei clarifies the market dynamics, grasps the pulse of the times, and serves with heart. With a professional team and excellent after-sales service, we have won a good reputation in the customer base and established a high-quality brand in the market. Guowei intelligent equipment insists that everything starts from reality and everything is for the sake of users.

F1 Computerized Paper Cutter Series
F Computerized Paper Cutter Series
F+ Computerized Paper Cutter Series
K Computerized Paper Cutter Series
N Computerized Paper Cutter Series
52/68E Digit Paper Cutting series

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